Social Media and Company Presence

Social media is a vital part of your marketing strategy. But do you have the time, dedication and expertise to devote to it?

Social media for business can build and strengthen relationships with your customers. Whether you are looking to increase brand recognition, improve brand loyalty, convert more business or get reviews, social networking – done right – can hugely improve your presence.

social media is becoming a more significant part of how search engines rank your site. So Facebook Likes, Google+1s, Twitter followers all indicate to search engines that your site is important. Over the next few years these “social signals” will play a greater and greater part in your SEO mix.

We can help by devising a great social media strategy which matches your business goals, then deliver it for you.

How it works…


A great social presence starts with great strategy. We’ll ask key questions:

  • Who are your customers?
  • Which social networks do they use?
  • What’s important – followers, engagement or action?
  • How do you define success?


We develop great social content derived from your strategy.

Fun, punchy engaging content that will motivate your user base in to reacting and enlisting your services.


We can schedule and deliver your social content in accordance with the strategy.

It’s one less thing for you to worry about!


We measure the metric you need to understand your social media presence, and how it’s helping your business goals.

We report back to you regularly to ensure your goals are being met.