Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Web Designers

If you’re familiar with Firefox plugins then you will be aware of how much flexibility you can add to your default browser installation – and Google was aware of this too. It was only a matter of time before Google Chrome offered full support for user-developed extensions, and that time arrived this week. If you visit the Chrome extensions website you will now be presented with an ever growing list of extensions developed by both companies and users.

Here is a list of the top 10 Chrome extensions for web designers:

1. Firebug Lite – Firebug is a fantastic plugin for Firefox that allowed you to inspect the HTML and CSS elements of a page to fix errors and stop any issues. A ‘lite’ version is now available for Chrome and we highly recommend it.

Install Firebug Lite

2. Eye Dropper – Although this extension needs a bit of work, it is still a very good tool to identify colours on a web page. You can either select from the colour picker menu or use the eye dropper on a specific part of a page.

Install Eye Dropper

3. IE Tab – Internet Explorer; the web designer’s worst nightmare? Maybe so, but this little extension allows you to quickly view a web page rendered in Internet Explorer from inside Google Chrome, which is very handy.

Install IE Tab

4. Chrome SEO – As every good web designer should know; search engine optimisation is very important, and this SEO tool allows you to quickly view some of the key factors on a site.

Install Chrome SEO

5. Webpage Screenshot – If you need to show a design to a client or simply just take a screen grab of a page, then Webpage Screenshot is perfect. You are able to save a screenshot of a page without the need for an image editor.

Install Webpage Screenshot

6. Lorem Ipsum Generator – At some stage in the design process you may need to pad out a draft page with sample text, and Lorem Ipsum has long been the standard. This tool allows you to quickly generate Lorem Ipsum text.

Install Lorem Ipsum Generator

7. BuiltWith Technology Profiler – If you want to analyse the profile of a website it can be a tedious process to visit many different lookup websites. This extension provides you with a means of viewing key information, such as whether or not the site is running Google Analytics and what web server it is running on.

Install BuiltWith Technology Profiler

8. MeasureIt! – This very handy chrome extension allows you to draw out a ruler on a web page to view the height and width in pixels. You can use it for measuring images, white space or just about anything on a page.

Install MeasureIt!

9. Window Resizer – Designing websites that are accessible by all resolutions is one of the key factors in web design, so Window Resizer really does help. You are able to resize the Chrome browser window to a set of predefined sizes, and the lists are completely customisable.

Install Window Resizer

10. Pendule – Pendule offers a host of useful features when on a web page, such as disabling CSS, hiding images and W3C validation. Much like the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox, this is one of the ‘must have’ extensions for web designers.

Install Pendule

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