3 Reasons to Stop Using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6)

Internet Explorer 6 has long been a popular object of hate in web design and development circles, and with good reason too. Originally released in 2001 by Microsoft, IE6 was the default browser shipped with Windows XP and was also made available for prior Windows’ versions. In its prime, Internet Explorer 6 held a 71.2% market share according to W3Schools (Nov 2003), but it has been on the demise ever since. Fast forward to the present day however, and IE6 still surprisingly holds a 10.9% stake – which is quite frankly ridiculous.

To do our little bit to encourage users away from this awful piece of software, here some reasons to stop using Internet Explorer 6:

IT’S INSECURE – The biggest reason by far to stop using Internet Explorer 6 is security. IE6 has been a target for hackers ever since it was released, and continues to be vulnerable to a wide variety of security risks. Although Microsoft tried to release various patches and bug fixes down the years, the problems have never gone away – in fact, Internet Explorer software still continues to have security flaws in its latest versions.

IT’S INCOMPLIANT – From a web design point of view, this is the biggest issue. Internet Explorer 6 is renowned for being a pain to design for, with many things that work in other browsers failing miserably in IE6. A lot of designers have stopped supporting IE6 completely as their designs render completely different (or even broken) in it.

IT’S OUTDATED – Although this is similar to previous reason, it’s important to hammer it home once again. If you want to experience the complete potential of the web, then IE6 simply can’t cope. Some of the most popular websites on the internet such as Facebook advise you to upgrade your browser due to its lack of functionality and ability to deal with somewhat basic advances in web technology.

Companies who use Internet Explorer 6 throughout their offices can probably account for a lot of the usage statistics for the browser, but there is simply no excuse not to upgrade nowadays. Google brilliantly released Google Chrome Frame recently that allows you to bring Chrome’s web technology to Internet Explorer browsers (mainly aimed at IE6). If you previously thought that it would be too expensive to update your network of systems, look no further than Google’s free solution.

If you are using IE6, do yourself (and web designers) a favour, and upgrade to a better browser.

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